Bespoke Fashion Design Solutions
We offer our clients a flexible approach: we can plan through the whole collection development, or offer consultancy for part of the process.
Corporate Uniform Fashion Design
decloud designs exceptional uniform concepts. We work directly with clients, and also collaborate with corporate fashion companies to create uniforms that from an intrinsic part of brand philosophy, design and marketing.
3D Clothing
We create pattern-based 3D virtual clothing compatible with 3D software and interactive design interfaces. When used at the design stage, 3D prototyping can help reduce costs and time-to-market, contributing to a more efficient process.
Workwear Design
When creating customer workwear solutions, we take into consideration functionality, comfort, durability, safety, legislation, certification and of course smart design.
Fashion Design
By working with a wide range of materials, colors, patterns and styles we create unique fashion designs for our clients. We offer brand collection development and solutions for size and fit optimization.
Sportswear Design
decloud designs functional and customer-orientated sportswear. Clever use of design and textile technology can create a synergy between lifestyle and sport.
Fashion Animation
The use of fashion animation is an exciting way to show new styles from all points of view. decloud presents 3D clothes in animated fashion shows with different avatars and background scenes. Through the garment`s movement our clients can get a very realistic impression of the clothes.

Interactive Infographic

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