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decloud studio

What we do

decloud is an experienced, multi-disciplined fashion design studio, based in Zurich`s creative center in Switzerland. We blend creative fashion visualization with style and personality. On-time. Every-time.

decloud work in Zurich West’s Creative Center


Basislager Zurich-West
Aargauerstrasse 14-94
CH-8048 Zurich

Container 80/21


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The Story
decloud was founded by Anja and Ariane in 2013. Anja is originally from Vorarlberg in Austria; Ariane is from Berlin. They met while working together at the well-respected J. Weil Corporate Wear in Glattbrugg, Switzerland. They are passionate about good design and excitied about the potential of the new 3D technology. Both bilingual in German and English, they particularly enjoy working with international clients.

Anja Dockal

Anja Dockal


  • Graduated from AMD Akademie Müller & Sohn (Munich Design Academy).
  • Extensive professional experience in collection plans and in the following fashion segments: Streetwear, Denim and Sportswear.
  • Domestic and International experience in the design and development of corporate fashion and workwear in: Switzerland, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar), Asia, Africa and Russia.

Mail: a.dockal@decloud.ch

Phone: +41 76 397 97 82


Ariane Rubach

Ariane Rubach

Creative Director

  • Graduated from KHB –Kunsthochschule Berlin (College of Art in Berlin); Master of Arts in Design / Fashion Design.
  • Six years professional experience as Head of Design and Product Development at Jacob Weil Corporate Wear AG.
  • International experience in the design and development of corporate fashion and workwear in: Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East (Jordania, Saudi Arabia, Qatar).

Mail: a.rubach@decloud.ch

Phone: +41 78 966 02 79

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